Learn Golf in 6 Weeks

6 one hour golf lessons that will cover many different aspects of the game including long game, short game and culminating with your first experience of the golf course in the sixth week. We will start off gradually building up to the full swing. At the end of this course you will have a great understanding of the game and you’ll be ready to go to the course. The most comprehensive introduction to golf in Spain.

Week 1: To start off your golfing experience we will be addressing the most important area of the game, putting 

Week 2: Short game chipping around the green

Week 3: Short game pitching

Week 4: To the driving range to practice your long game

Week 5: An introduction to the rules and etiquette followed by more long game practice

Week 6: Your first visit to the golf course

Great value at €60 per person for the six week course.
Note: Groups limited to a maximum of 6 people minimum 3. Club hire and range balls included.