GOLF ASSESSMENT: The start of the journey to improvement

Before I start to work with somebody on their game I first of all like to go through my unique golf assessment programme. This enables me to really find out as much as I can about the individual as a golfer and to ascertain which areas of their game need improvement.

As an experienced Golf Professional I understand that each person is unique, no two golfers are the same, which is why everybody will be given their own personal programme for improvement. Long term with this planned structure it will lower your scores and you will have so much more fun playing the game. The assessment is the first step in achieving this.

The assessment lasts about an hour but it is the most valuable tool for you as a player as it will help you to understand the areas of your game that you need to work on. The assessment encompasses the technical aspects of the long and short game and of course the mental aspects of the game.

After a discussion about your golf I will watch you hit some shots with a variety of clubs. This will enable me to gain the full picture of where you are with your golf at the moment and start to plan for future improvements.