Titleist Release New Driver for Ladies !
He admitted there are, what he described as 'distance-challenged player' who want distance as well as 'playable trajectories,' which is why Titleist decided to further investigate the benefits of more loft and lighter shafts for players with moderate swing speeds, especially seniors, juniors and women golfers. "There's a relationship between ball speed and swing speed," he said. "It's usually about a 1.5 ratio when we're talking about drivers - so a 100mph swing speed equates to about 150mph ball speed. "When we compared how far a 10.5 degree driver will fly compared to a 12 degree driver, when you get for example an 80mph swing speed, the 12-degree driver takes over and flies further. And with about 135 mph ball speed (90mph swing speed) you start to see a quite significant increase in a 12 degree driver, compared to a 10.5 deg driver. "The 12-degree will spin more, launch higher and travel about four yards further." To help generate more swing speed Titleist has introduced a lighter Mitsubishi Bassara shaft for the new model. Recommended retail price of the new 12-degree Titleist 910 D2 driver is around £250.

     Adrian Rudge 08/11/2012